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PPC Advanced Techniques White Paper

7 Advanced Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Increase your ROI on Digital Advertising

Optimizing digital advertising is a science, an art, and hard work. There are many different strategies and approaches you could use. This whitepaper from WSI highlights 7 advanced ways to get more from your digital advertising.



A Well-Managed Digital Advertising Campaign to Generate Leads

An efficiently-managed online advertising campaign has been proven to drive leads and increase sales, but only if the money is well-spent.  With so many potential outlets and methods of generating online leads, how does a company know which ones to embrace?

Utilize Split (A/B) Testing
Randomly display one of two different ads to each visitor. Quickly gauge which approaches and messaging are most effective. By tracking the response rates to each competing ad, you learn which your customers prefer.
Where is your next lead coming from?
When studying how new and returning visitors find your site, you can decide what stage of the buying cycle is working for you, and where to focus efforts in your next campaign.
Campaign Tracking
With the amount of data that comes with online analytics, there is no excuse for not measuring and continuously improving. Online ads backed by a data-gathering system capable of tracking where the leads are coming from & how many of them convert help us continuously optimize your campaigns.

What's in the Report

The title of this white paper is 7 Awesomely Advanced Ways to Get More from Your PPC Campaigns.

Our goal with this paper is to inspire you with 7 advanced topics that will enhance and optimize your PPC Campaigns.


What you will learn how to...

  • Effectively use ad copy for your ads and landing pages in conjunction with A/B testing to target your ads and optimize campaigns
  • Enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and your domain authority with digital advertising strategies
  • Establish and track goals to develop measurable results
  • Discover more ways to use digital advertising
  • Align your campaigns with the various stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Discover ways to learn what your competitors are doing
  • Analyse your conversion rates to get more out of your investments

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