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Social Media Marketing 2

Social Media Marketing Works!

Do you want to grow your business with Social Media?

Should social media be part of your digital marketing campaign plan?

There’s no doubt—Social Media platforms are where your customers are spending time, and having conversations—about your competition, and hopefully, also about you.

Let's talk Social Media Marketing



Brand Awareness

By posting regularly on Social Media you can build brand awareness and showcase how you stand out from your competitors.

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Increase Traffic

Targeted ad/post placement on Social Media will generate interest in your business and drive more traffic to your website by making your business easy to find.


Convert Visitors

Generate leads with Social Media Marketing by personalizing your message and making it easy for your customer to make decisions.

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Retarget Campaigns

Retargeting advertising will invite a previous visitor back to your website and engage them in a more meaningful way.


Promote Events

Using Social Media Marketing to promote your events will generate excitement and increase engagement with your audience.

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Engage Customers

Social Media Marketing helps your business connect with customers, know what your customers are saying and manage your business narrative.

Why does social media marketing work?

4 Billion People in the Audience

  • Almost 4 billion people were hopping onto at least one social media site as we started 2020 — more than a 9% increase in a year.
  • Some estimates suggest that over 50% of the world’s population will be using social media by mid-year.
  • And we’re spending almost 2 ½ hours – every day – perusing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok, and many other social media platforms.

To engage potential customers and connect with your current audience, you need to meet them on their turf.  The Leap Digital team offers support for your social media marketing activities, helping design and execute campaigns to build your brands and your business.


Connect with Social Media

Connect with Customers by Boosting Brand Awareness

The internet is often the go-to resource when researching brands to buy, but now more than 4 in 10 consumers turn to social media networks for brand information. A brand awareness campaign on your social media sites can improve your ability to connect with customers. But how do you ensure your brand stands out in the crowd?

  • At WSI Leap Digital, we’ll infuse your social media marketing efforts with your brand’s personality. Images, language, and tone will help people understand what your brand is about and easily recognize you.

Invite New People

Map the Way to Your Website with Traffic Campaigns

Getting the most out of your online salesperson – your website – means people need to find your site online, easily. A traffic campaign on social media platforms gives customers a ‘map’ to your website through a link or a landing page. How do you get people to shift from reading your ad to clicking on it?

  • The Leap Digital team goes beyond telling people about your brand. We include a little teaching to show how you’ll make their lives a bit better. And often, we’ll involve them in the decision to engage with you by giving them a choice. For example, we could create a traffic campaign with 2 options: “Looking for Top Sellers?” or “Find Your Favourite” with each leading to a unique landing page.

Find People Interested in You through Online Lead Generation

When you’ve built brand awareness and engagement, a logical next step is generating leads with social media marketing. Although all social media platforms have value, Facebook and LinkedIn are the top 2 sites for lead generation in the B2B space. What’s essential for people to experience so that they’ll fill out a form to connect with you?

  • Our research and customer case studies help us identify compelling calls-to-action for your brand, ‘clickable’ (sometimes gated) content, and appropriate personalization for your target audience.

Engage Your Followers

Encourage People to Engage with You Through Conversion Campaigns

Conversion campaigns help you connect with people who are actively interested in your brand. A conversion can be a basic form fill or a more in-depth engagement like making a purchase, entering payment information, or ordering samples. Getting the right message across is vital because research shows weak social media ads can create a negative emotional response in less than 1 second! What can you do to generate strong conversions?

  • WSI Leap Digital focuses on targeting the right audience, then helping you create a great ad with cohesive visuals, copy, and value proposition or call-to-action. We’ll also help you optimize your conversion campaigns with techniques like A/B testing.

Did You Know?

To begin understanding the impact social media marketing can make on your business, look no further than these statistics:

78% of American Facebook users have discovered something to purchase via this platform
YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine
25% of all referral traffic that goes to retail websites comes from Pinterest
90% of marketers have noticed their social marketing efforts increasing their exposure

Let's talk Social Media Marketing

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