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Email Marketing – White Paper Download

Email Marketing White Paper - Download

Evolving in a Social World

Email should still be a central component of any successful online marketing campaign - working together with social media to provide a comprehensive approach to increasing leads and building customer loyalty.

Our white paper on email marketing will help you include this tool in your digital marketing blueprint.


Email Marketing is a critical component for your comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Targeting your email campaign to address the needs of your customer (and potential customer) base will boost your conversions and get you closer to your goals.

50% Open Rate
Despite the stigma that accompanies email marketing, well-planned email campaigns achieve open rates above 50%.
Stand Out
As we continue to seek ways to stand out among our competitors and better address the preferences of their audience, many are adding tactics such as animated graphics, real-time email marketing, and location-specific email marketing.
Give Customers Value
Consumers want to know that your product or service adds value to their current situation. Understand customers by developing great buyer personas.

What's in this white paper

This white paper is a download from our successful Digital Minds book, 2nd edition.  This 12-page report is a highly informative paper that explores methods and reasons for including email marketing in your digital marketing portfolio.

Our goal is to provide you the best practices for Email Marketing, and allow you to discover new ways to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.


How can you use this report?

  • Create great campaigns with targeted strategies
  • Plan for the right content at the right time
  • Understand techniques for personalization and customization
  • Important tips for mobile-friendly campaigns
  • Develop lead-nurturing and marketing automation strategies
  • Explore options for marketing segmentation, micro-targeting, and A/B split testing
  • Develop proper list-building (without buying) techniques
  • Understand your legal responsibilities regarding anti-spam legislation

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