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Blog / What Social Media Marketing Can Do for Your Business

What Social Media Marketing Can Do for Your Business


What Social Media Marketing Can Do for Your Business

What Social Media Marketing Can Do for Your Business

And it’s much more than sharing memes and funny cat videos!


Social media is, well, a very social place. You connect with friends on Facebook, watch surprisingly entertaining animal clips on Twitter, and check on the latest lunch or dinner photos from your foodie club. And don’t forget all those videos you watch on YouTube!


About 4 billion people visit social media sites annually, and more are joining the conversations – at about a +9 percent clip last year. With a broad audience and a vast landscape of available apps, social media platforms are an essential element of your marketing plan.


Why Social Media Marketing Matters


Marketing to your customers in the social media space involves connecting, interacting, and engaging with them. When you start having conversations with customers on their turf, you’ll become more top-of-mind when they’re looking for solutions that you provide.


In addition to being in the same space as your customers, you’ll benefit on several fronts when you have a strong and influential presence on social media:


  • You’ll learn about your audience and your competitors.
    • Many social media platforms track the demographic characteristics of subscribers that will help you connect with the right prospects. You’ll know the age, gender, location, income, education, how much time they spend on the platform, and whether they make purchases.
    • You can track competitive activity to see what’s good, bad, and downright awful about their tactics for connecting with potential customers.
    • With tools like hashtags, you can follow (and contribute to) conversations about your category or industry.
  • You’ll add to your credibility as a brand that customers can trust.
    • Sharing information like a how-to video, shows you’re knowledgeable and have a solution that works.
    • Positive social reviews are essential for building your reputation since industry research shows 75% of consumers trust a brand with positive reviews.
  • You’ll have another channel for delivering customer care. In our on-demand, 24/7 world, customers expect rapid response, especially if they’re struggling with a problem. Since social media is on all the time, participating on a variety of platforms – even through a non-voice chatbot – helps ensure you’re available.
  • You’ll waste fewer advertising dollars. The demographic characteristics we mentioned earlier help you reach targeted audiences with your brand messages. While ROI varies by platform and campaign goals, social media marketing enables you to avoid the spray-and-pray approach of other marketing activities.


Leap Digital’s Approach to Social Media Marketing


We’ve designed our social media campaign management services to align with the 3 primary goals of marketing.  Our service packages include:

  1. Connect: focused on increasing Brand Awareness
  2. Interact: centered on increasing Traffic and gathering Leads
  3. Engage: dedicated to building relationships and revenue with Retargeting and through Conversions


With our Connect program, your customers will discover your brand and its promise. They’ll understand the problems you’ll solve.


Interact initiatives build on brand awareness and encourage people to visit your website to learn more. We’ll help visitors raise their hands and ask for additional information such as sell sheets, infographics, or case studies.


After prospects show they’re interested in what you have to offer, Engage activities will nurture connections and fill your pipeline. Ideally, the ‘engage’ campaigns transform curious visitors into customers.


We’ll collaborate with you to develop a strategy and tactical plan that addresses your goals. And the immediacy of digital marketing lets us pivot and adjust activity in real-time as your audience’s needs change.


Let’s talk about connecting with your customers through social media marketing. You can reach us at 416-458-4876 or through email.  We’ll spool up a few cat videos to watch before we get down to business!

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